• 10ml PG Dekang Ejuice / E-Liquid Menthol

10ml PG Dekang Ejuice / E-Liquid Menthol

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E-liquid-store only sells the highest quality E Juice / E-Liquid produced by the largest manufacturer of E Juice, Boge Dekang.


Dekang Menthol E Juice tastes like a real menthol cigarette! A 10ml bottle of Menthol E Juice will typically last a pack a day smoker two weeks.


One of the main benefits of owning a Joye 510 or Joye Ego is the ability to refill the cartridges with your favorite flavor of e juice. E Juice, sometimes referred to as nicotine juice, e liquid, or smoke juice, is a cost effective way to refill your electronic cigarette cartridge. Once your e cig stops producing the desired amount of vapor just remove the e cigs cartridge and add a few drops of e juice. Your cartridge should always look slushy or wet for maximum vapor production.


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