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New Flavor Label Names For Dekang Brand eLiquids.(March 1, 2013)

New Flavor Label Names For Dekang Brand eLiquids. (March 1, 2013)


Notice from Dekang: From March 1, 2013, some Dekang new stock comes with new flavor label name to avoid Trade-mark infringement. In order to make you place order easier, we list the changed label names as below:

Brand Name Old Label Name New Label Name Memo
Marlboro USA Mix USA MIX
Marlboro  Red  RED  USA Mix DARK  USA Mix Changed
Marlboro  Green  Green USA MIX LIGHT USA MIX Changed
Camel Desert Ship Desert Changed
Hilton Hillington Paris Brand Changed
555 3&5 Triple 5 Changed
Dunhill Deluxe Tobacco Hill Blend Changed
Gold Dunhill Gold Dunhi Gold Hill Changed
Kent SEC Cantebury Blend Changed
Winston Wensten Tonwin Changed
Virginia Virginia VA Blend Changed
Turkish Tobacco(Blend) Turkish Tobacco T-Blend Changed
Mild seven My Seven MS Ven-Blend Changed
Seven stars Mild 7 Ven-Star Changed
Benson&Hedges/B&H Gold & Silver BH Son Changed
French pipe FPF Notre Dame Changed
Pipe Pip Smokestick Changed
Cigar Cigar Cubano Changed
Cuba Cigar Cuba Cigar Cigar Cubano Changed
Havana  Havana Captical Cuba Changed
Cohiba  Cohiba King of Cigar Changed
Parliament Congress Big ben Changed
Virginia slims(menthol) Slims Caroline Blend Changed
Raison Rason Plumb Blend Changed
DJI SAM SOE 234 234 DSS 234 Changed
SAMPOERNA  A MILD A Serna Mild Changed
garam garam   GM Changed
Dijarum Black Blk DJ clove DB Rum Changed
cabin Cabin CinCig Changed
Lucky Strike Lucky color Vegas Blend Changed
Peter Stuyvesant  stuyvesant Pster Changed
Chesterfield(classic red) Bestfelde Cfield Changed
Ark Royal Elder Captain AR Yal Changed
Turbosmog Turbosmoke TMUG Changed
ESSE ESSE Korean Mini Changed
Peace Peace White Dove Changed
Caster Cast Ercast Changed
Lark  Larks Raven Blend Changed
Mayfair Mayfair Fair Changed
Winfield  Winfield Field of Wind Changed
du Maurier  Du Ma DM Rier Changed
Sterling Sterling Silver Blend Changed
Belmont Belmont Trifecta Blend Changed
Davidoff Davidof Doff Changed
Pall Mall Pal-mal Mall Blend Changed
Newport Nport Portal Blend Changed
Salem(Menthol Green) SAM Mint Lem Changed
Kool Kool Cool Changed
More Moore Mass Changed
Benson New
L&B New
L&M(blue label)/Luminous Mark L&M LN Changed
Davidoff(gold) Daviduf(gold) Dove Gold Changed
Gitanes  Gitanes  Nes Changed
Black tobacco Black tobacco BLACKTO Changed
Doral  Doral  Aldor Changed
Carlton Carlten Chaton Changed
Long life Long life Life Changed
HOPE HOPE Wish Changed
HI - LITE HI - LITE Highlight Changed
PIANISSIMO (menthol) PIANISSIMO  Simo Changed
flax flax Flux Changed
valerian valerian Valerian Changed
Oriental New
Captain Black Captain Black Africa Blend Changed
Flu-cured Flu-cured Fire Cured (Roasted) Changed
Flue Cured Tobacco Flue Cured Tobacco Flue Cured Tobacco
Tobacco Tobacco Tobacco
No flavor No flavor No flavor
Septwolves 7 Wolves Steppenwolves Changed
TK-tabacco(Blend) TK-tabacco TK-BLEND Changed
RuYan 1# RY 1 DK-1 Changed
RuYan 2# RY 2 DK-2 Changed
RuYan 3# RY 3 DK-3 Changed
RuYan 4# RY 4 DK-4 Changed
SanDong 4# SD 4 SD 4
cut tobacco  cut tobacco  cut tobacco 
Concentrated fragrance Concentrated fragrance Concentrated fragrance
Light fragrance Light fragrance Light fragrance
Chung Hwa  China CHINO Changed
Fu rong wang Lotus king LOTUS Changed
pride pride TENDER BOY Changed
Yuyan Yuyan CLOUD Changed
Yuxi Yuxi JADE CREEK Changed
Double Happiness Double Hqppiness JOY TWIN Changed
中南海 Zhong Nanhai CHINA SEA Changed
Liqun Liqun BENEFIT GROUP Changed
NanJing NanJing JINLING Changed
ShuYan ShuYan SY-Blend Changed
WuYeSheng WuYeSheng GOD OF LEAVES Changed
BaiSha BaiSha WHITE SAND Changed
Double Mint
(chewing gum)
Green Mint Green Mint
bubble gum bubble gum bubble gum
CoolMint Gum(lotte) Lote mint Lote mint
Green Gum(lotte) Lote green arrow Lote green arrow
Menthol Menthol Menthol
Mint Mint Mint
strong mint strong mint strong mint
Mentha spicata Mentha spicata Mentha spicata
Green peppermint Green peppermint Green peppermint
Spearmint Spearmint Spearmint
Double Menthol Double Menthol Double Menthol
Triple Menthol Triple Menthol Triple Menthol
Choco Mint Choco Mint Mint Choc Changed
Vanilla Mint Vanilla Mint Vanilla Mint
polar mint New
Strawberry Mint Strawberry Mint Strawberry Mint
Coca Cola Red Cola Red Cola
Pepsi Cola Blue Cola Blue Cola
Red Bull Energy Cow Toro Rouge Changed
Black Tea Black Tea Black Tea
Green Tea Green Tea Green Tea
Lemmon tea Lemmon tea Lemmon tea
Root beer Root beer Root beer
fruit punch fruit punch fruit punch
Rum  Rum  Rum 
Cream rum Cream rum Cream rum
Pinacolada Pinacolada Pinacolada
Champagne Champagne Bubbly Changed
Brandy Bandi Brandy Changed
Whisky Whisky Whisky Changed
Lamberti Lamberti Lamberti
Grape Wine  Grape Wine  Grape Wine 
Wine  Wine  Wine 
White spirits White spirits Vodka Changed
beer beer beer
Sherry Sherry Sherry
cocktail cocktail cocktail
Amaretto Amaretto Amaretto
Blue coral reefs cocktail Blue coral reefs cocktail Blue coral reefs cocktail
margarita margarita margarita
Coffee wine Coffee wine Irish Coffee Changed
Coffee Coffee Coffee
Cappuccino Cappuccino Cappuccino
Mocha  coffee Mocha  Mocha 
white coffe white coffe Milky Coffee Changed
Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate
White chocolate White chocolate White chocolate
Chocolate cream Chocolate cream Chocolate cream
Cream  Cream  Cream 
butterscotch butterscotch butterscotch
Red birds milk Red birds milk Red birds milk
Strrawberry Milk Strrawberry Milk Strrawberry Milk
Yoghurt Yoghurt Yoghurt
Sugarle yoghurt Sugarle yoghurt Sugarle yoghurt
Yakult Yakult Jakult Changed
Cheese Cheese Cheese
butter butter butter
Cheesecake Cheesecake Cheesecake
Ice Cream Ice Cream Ice Cream
Cotton Candy Cotton Candy Candyfloss Changed
Caramel Caramel Caramel
rock sugar rock sugar rock sugar
Waffle Waffle Waffle
Honey Honey Honey
Peanut butter Peanut butter Peanut butter
Ginger Ginger Ginger
Ketchup Ketchup Ketchup
Dr.Pepper Pepper Doc Pepper Changed
Coenzyme Q9 Coenzyme Q10 Coenzyme Q10
Vitamin A/B/C/D/E Vitamin A/B/C/D/E Vitamin A/B/C/D/E
Collagen Collagen Collagen
Health flavor Health flavor Health flavor
Rose Rose Rose
Osmanthus fragrans Osmanthus fragrans Osmanthus fragrans
Clove Clove Clove
Jasmine Jasmine Jasmine
Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla
Licorice Licorice Licorice
Fennel Fennel Fennel
Ginseng Gingseng Ginseng Changed
cinnamon cinnamon cinnamon
Citric acid Citric acid Citrus Changed
Chinese wolfberry Chinese wolfberry Chinese wolfberry
Almond Almond Almond
Cobico Cobico Cobico
Tea seed Tea seed Tea seed
filbert filbert filbert
Cocoa Cocoa Cocoa
Sail oil Sail oil Sail oil
Blueberry Blueberry Blueberry
   Greengage    Greengage    Greengage
blackberry blackberry blackberry
raspberry raspberry raspberry
strawberry strawberry strawberry
berry berry berry
teaberry teaberry teaberry
Apple Apple Apple
Banana Banana Banana
Grape Grape Grape
Pineapple Pineapple Pineapple
Lemon Lemon Lemon
Pomegranate Pomegranate Pomegranate
Cherry Cherry Cherry
Orange  Orange  Orange 
Mandarin Mandarin Mandarin
Mango Mango Mango
Pear Pear Pear
Health Pear Health Pear Health Pear
Juicy peach Juicy peach Juicy peach
Peach Peach Peach
Kiwi Kiwi Kiwi
Watermelon Watermelon Watermelon
Menlon Menlon Menlon
Melon Melon Melon
 Migua   Migua   Migua 
Coconut Coconut Coconut
Litchi Litchi Litchi
Red delicious apple Red delicious apple Sweet Red Apple
Longan Longan Longan
Pitaya Pitaya Pitaya
Shaddock Shaddock Shaddock
Fruit mix Fruit mix Fruit mix
Black Devil Black Devil Dark Phantom New
Sobranie Sobranie Sanie New
Gold  Virginia Gold  Virginia VERONICA GOLD New
Philip Philip Felps New
Drum Drum Beat Blend New
Assos Assos Sosa New
Old holborn Old holborn Antique Holmes New
Karelia Karelia Carmen New
Mulberry Mulberry Mulberry New
Jujube Jujube Jujube New
Sweet melons Sweet melons Honey Melon New
Coconut Cream Coconut Cream Coconut Cream New
Double mint Double mint Double mint New
Triple mint Triple mint Triple mint New
Mint candy Mint candy Mint candy New
Lime Lime Lime New
Peanut Peanut Peanut New
Milk Milk Milk New
Cream cake Cream cake Cream cake New
smoked plum Smoked plum Plum TAB New


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